Chanel Launches Space-Age Inspired Fall 2017 Collection

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Chanel’s collection for fall and winter 2017 at Paris Fashion Week was a Space Age extravaganza. Karl Lagerfeld’s show included a giant rocket built inside the Grand Palais, and models walked runways that wove around the launchpad. At the end of the show, the rocket even “launched” amid sprays of sparks and spewing steam, lifting to the roof (to the audience’s applause).

Many of the looks included a revamped 60s style, reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy skirt suits, or a Star Trek conceptualization of futuristic fashion. Plaids, stark white-on-white combinations, tweeds, and silvery metallic fabrics combined the retro-fashionable with the technological.

There were no pillbox hats, but there were plenty of headbands. A couple pieces had a playful black and white astronaut print, including a jacket and shorts combination styled with silver tights and boots, accessorized with a hardshell purse shaped like a rocket. There were also astronaut print dresses with gauzy sheer overlays, a loose-fitted astronaut graphic shirt under a jacket with astronauts on the sleeves, and some moon prints. Texturized glitter and a few galaxy prints filled the end of the show, including a full-body sequined jumpsuit in black.

Glasses so massive they looked like goggles, fingerless gloves, and formal-ready purses were among the accessories. Many of the collars were wide and punctuated by circular trim, which resembled the opening on a spacesuit where a helmet might attach.

The jacket and skirt sets in matched patterns were mostly styled with opaque (but glittery) tights and boots. A wintery looking white suit had a quilted silver survival-style blanket draped over the shoulders, which warmed several of the outfits. Among the warmer looks was a calf-length grey coat with a rich red plaid lining, and a fluffy mid-thigh coat with a matching muff, slung on a silver chain.

Other pieces included silvery metallic pants, a few menswear white sweaters with the silver collar, a double-breasted boys’ coat, and some loose-fitting trousers.

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