Child’s Play as Adult Workouts

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via flickr/Guilherme Jófili

via flickr/Guilherme Jófili

As a kid almost everything you did for fun was a workout. Your bed, backyard kitchen, the park and the entire universe, was your gym. One of the factors that kept you amused and active was the fact that your activities were enticed by curiosity and competition and that did not feel like an obligation- they weren’t homework. Many current conventional standard exercises are proven effective but problem is, they are often viewed as a boring, rigid and a responsibility. Maintaining interest and momentum are two important factors that help determine whether or not someone is consistent with a workout. Some people consider it difficult to find workout routines that start off as fun and stay fun- especially those who are prone to getting tired of cardio machines, jogging, weightlifting and yoga. Zumba and several martial arts activities have grown in popularity due to their unconventionality but time, distance and money may retract from their appeal. However, the simpler times hold not-so-secret secrets that perchance could reveal “childish” games as valid and practical workouts for adults.

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