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Summer is quickly approaching and it is time to start thinking about vacation. Besides being excited for the actual vacation this gives you an excuse to shop for some new clothes. However, you also don’t want to have to bring like 10 bags with you on vacation either, so some restraint will be needed. A good thing about resort war a lot of the clothes are light and slowly so they don’t take up as much room. There are somethings that every girl needs wen she jets off to somewhere beautiful, or even just a road trip to somewhere different.

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A swimsuit will be needed. This should be obvious, but also bring multiples as a precaution. While on vacation you won’t be able to get laundry down when you would like to, so bringing multiples will be a good thing to bring with you. At this time of the year you can literally buy swimsuits almost anywhere. Target has had their swimsuits out since the tail end of winter and very early spring. However, if you’re looking for something a little more retro Modcloth has the 40’s inspired one pice suits. They are more expensive, but they are without a doubt ultra cute.

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Maxi dresses are a versatile dress to have in your suitcase. You can use a maxi dress to wear as a cover up for your many swimsuits, or just to go out and about exploring where you are. You can even dress up a maxi dress to go out to dinner. A maxi dress is a summer staple in generally, and a vacation necessity. Again having multiples are always a good idea, just so you won’t run out while on vacation and again you won’t have the chance to do laundry as much as you would like to.

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A nice pair of sandals can take you a long way when on vacation. One pair of versatile sandals is all you would need to get you through vacation. A simple dressy sandal can be good for everyday walking around or you can wear it with a nicer outfit and it will still look good together. And you won’t even need to pack the sandals because you can wear them on your travels, but if you wan’t to wear flip flops instead that is also a good idea. The sandals won’t take up much room in your suitcase, so there are no worries!

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Bringing some nicer clothes are always a god idea. Not a lot of nice clothes maybe about two different nicer dresses. Just in case you go out to a nicer restaurant while you are on vacation you can dress appropriately. Again you can find those on Modcloth or even H&M has some nice dresses you can wear out to  dinner. This way you won’t have to solely survive on maxi dresses, as great as they are and versatile you may want options. Options are always wonderful in every aspect of life and even so on vacation.

Have these few staples in your suitcase and you will be ready to enjoy the summer heat. You will also not have to worry about packing your entire closet when you go on vacation.   

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    • Bobby

      Good idea with a nicer dress, I always seem to forget sometimes I’m expected to go somewhere nice while out on vacation

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