Connor Totten is 12-years-old and Has His Own Fashion Collection

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There is a stigma about individuals who are in their 20’s. After graduation, or not if college was not where you wanted to be, adults repeat that your 20’s are the most important time and when you hit the big 3-0, you have run out of time. Then the mindset changes and it becomes a surprise to people who do end up where they need to be or they achieve a certain goal that was shot down by an adult. There is shock when it comes to a young woman founding her own million-dollar company, shock when a couple launches a popular fashion website from their bedroom, and shock when a young man scores a seat with IMG Modeling Agency.

Well, prepare to be shocked again, world. Because there are children who are only 12 years old that are making it big in the fashion community. Now, children are often seen as stylish due to their celebrity parents who enjoy matching with their kids. But to be able to dress impeccably without assistance, learn to sew for a couple years, and present your own collection in a fashion show at the age of 12? Not everyone has the chance to hear that often.

In the city of St. Petersburg, there was a fashion show presented for up-and-coming stars. The audience was eager to await the arrival of these designers that were about to potentially bring business for retail. Designers have been able to sketch out designs from a young age, but never have brought them to life via fabric and sewing techniques, but Connor Totten has. the show which was called Designs for Dreams featured Connor’s complete collection for a women’s line. He sat in the crowd, watching the models strut back and forth in his own work that he also crafted himself. Another charity show that was in respect for the organization Jump For Kids was another event that Connor’s garments were a part of.

Connor always had a love for fashion and it was easy for him to pick up sewing quickly, which is what inspired him to construct an entire line. Connor’s mother has mentioned that Connor was fascinated by mannequins when he was younger. They would be out and he would go by the window displays and sketch the shapes of the mannequins. When there was an outfit hung up in a mall, Connor would think about what the designer was hoping to convey when he designed it and what he or she thought of the merchandising that somebody else did.

Ideas float in Connor’s mind each day, prompting him to keep going and working with sketches of clothing. His book is filled with hundreds of pages of designs that he would love to make one day.

“I have been illustrating since I was 4-years-old, but I have been sewing since maybe fall of 2015,” Connor said.

When he considered sewing, it was because he was thinking of apparel in his head and he wanted to see them in real life. The show happened last Thursday and the theme was to create women’s clothing, but mix it with a masculine appeal. Back in the 1940’s is when unisex clothing emerged and Connor used that time as inspiration. A feminine side of fashion is soft, almost relaxed on the body while men’s fashion is stiff and tight to the body. Collaborating the two together gives out a look that you are able to wear anywhere because of how flattering it is. Menswear tends to stick out sometimes, which made it easier combining it into the garment.

“I am hoping to get a reaction like, something that they have never seen before or something that will wow them,”.

"I am a ship and I promise I will make it to the shores alive".Hello! My name is Serena Anthony, currently residing here in Chicago, IL, recently come from a five year stay in Malaysia. I am a Fashion Business major at Columbia College with a passion for incorporating writing and fashion together, which is awesome given that those are two of my favourite things. Especially after great sushi and a killer moshe cristo.Columbia is giving me the benefit of creatively getting a handle on my goals. Because I love art, more so when I get into a frenzy, this college is a mix of serious and enjoyable experiences. I hope to keep my future like that as well!

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