Criss Angel Returns to the Stage After Straightjacket Trick Goes Wrong

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Entertainer Criss Angel didn’t let a setback from his Vegas show on March 10 keep him off the stage long. The day after a hospital trip, following a trick where he stopped moving and passed out, the magician made the show go on. NY Daily News reported that Angel completed the straightjacket routine that stymied him before.

The trick left unfinished on Friday was an escape stunt. It involves the magician hanging head down while freeing himself from a straightjacket. Angel was performing his Mind FreakLive! routine at the Luxor hotel when he became unconscious and hung suspended for close to two minutes before he was lowered, less than fifteen minutes into the show. The curtain lowered and managers declared a break, and the 49-year-old illusionist was then transported to a hospital, the Spring Valley Medical Center. The show was canceled, but Angel was released from the hospital by the next morning, according to a statement he tweeted Saturday.

MGM Resorts and the people who work with Angel have remained silent on what caused the issue with the trick. The official statement said that Angel gives his gratitude for fans’ responses of concern and support.

The statement also said that the incidents on Friday prevented Angel and his son from attending a fundraiser for the Make-A Wish foundation. In lieu, the statement reads, Make-A-Wish received a contribution: “In his absence, a representative of HELP, the non-profit Criss created to find a cure for pediatric cancer, presented Make-A-Wish with a $100,000 donation.”

Angel has run into trouble when performing his escape tricks before. Two years ago Spencer Horsman, an escape artist, made two hospital visits after problems on separate occasions at the New Brunswick State Theater and the Foxwoods Casino. Both incidents occurred when Horsman was performing at Angel shows. Angel himself sustained a shoulder injury during a straightjacket trick in 2013, during a performance in Times Square.

As of Saturday, however, the magician is back in full force and finished a show that included his upside down escape without incident. He tweeted his return, thanking his fans again.


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