Designer Christopher Kane Embraces Crocs as High Fashion

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When people think of high-fashion footwear, Crocs are hardly the first thing that comes to mind.  For most people, they’re the comfort shoe you wear on house-cleaning day, or what college students wear on their way to the showers.  Somehow, though, Crocs has snuck onto the runways.

British designer Christopher Kane brought the rubber shoes into the world of high-end fashion on Tuesday when he debuted his fall 2017 collection in London, adding his own touch of couture by lining the hole-riddled shoes with fur.

This isn’t the first time Kane has fitted his models with Crocs either.  The designer first introduced a collaboration with Crocs in September with his spring and summer collection.  This collection featured the rubber shoes in neutral, marbled designs, with the classic perforated top, which was fitted with multi-colored glistening stones.  Kane’s slip-on shoes were also equipped with Crocs’ signature sling back strap.

While Kane’s designs may just seem like the classic Crocs disguised by a high-fashion makeover, the designer footwear sells for a pretty penny.  £275, or $350, to be exact, for the spring and summer editions.

While it is still unclear how much the fur-lined fall shoes will be sold for, it’s worth mentioning that the Crocs brand already sells a similar design at a fairly affordable price.  On the Crocs website, a shearling-lined version of the classic design can be purchased for only $69.99, about double the price of the original Crocs, priced at $34.99.

Whether or not Christopher Kane has succeeded in making Crocs a fashion sensation, his models probably had the most comfortable shoes ever known to the runway.

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