Difference Between a Quickie and a Long Session

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There are various levels of having sexy time, and depending on what you are faced with, there are certain time constraints. However, weirdly it is hard deciphering whether you have time for a quickie or a full out session with a few rounds.

Flickr/Marina Aguiar

Flickr/Marina Aguiar

First things first, a quickie is exactly that; a quick love session that lasts no longer than fifteen minutes, and even that fifteen minute slot is pushing it. Quickies are for when you want to quickly tend to the sexual desire that you’re feeling and have to address immediately. Although the time is very limiting, the places where you can partake in a quickie are not.

Via Flickr/Pier-Luc Bergeron

Via Flickr/Pier-Luc Bergeron

On the other hand a long session can last longer than fifteen minutes, and go up to an hour. Of course, no one can seriously hold out nor go that long for hours at a time, and that is where rounds come in. It is like eating food; you have an appetizer, entrée, and finally the dessert, and if you are really enjoying the food you’ll have a few snacks in between each course. Same goes for long sessions. Of course every session is different varying on a person’s sex drive and how strong their sexual desire is.

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Flickr/George Venios

When it comes to having sex with rounds and breaks, which requires a few hours of nothing to do. Especially if you want to throw in foreplay, water breaks, naps and whatnot. These sessions are saved for special occasions, nothing on the agenda, night time, and or when you simply do not care about what is on your agenda.

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