Disney and Snapchat Unite

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Disney will now be teaming up with Snapchat to make to create shows which will be Snapchat’s latest deal with a major U.S media company.

On Wednesday, Disney announced the big news, but financial terms were not disclosed. Snapchat has recently signed a variety of different advertising and content agreements with Viacom, Comcast, NBC Universal and Time Warner.

Snapchat is preparing for next year’s initial public offering and other media companies like Disney partner with Snapchat in hopes of reaching the younger demographic. Disney has previously worked with Snapchat on special live stories that are curated user-submitted photos and videos of one specific event that Snapchat covers.

“Earlier this year, we worked closely with Snap on a very successful The Oscars Live Story and we look forward to building on that relationship and providing Snapchat’s mobile-centric users with a unique, immersive experience around our shows and brands,” Disney-ABC Television executive John Frelinghuysen said, in a statement to the Business Insider.

Disney would control and sell all of the advertising for any shows they produce for Snapchat instead of being shared. The first show that will be produced is “The Bachelor” an ABC’s popular. A recap series will begin Jan. 3 a day after the ABC show begins its 21st season.

Even more, shows based on other Disney-ABC properties will be debuted later on.

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