A Double Standard: Laguna Beach Hairband Bracelets

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That pesky moment never fails to arise at exactly the wrong moment. Your hair is frizzy from the unexpected torrential down pour outside and you’re in desperate need of a hair tie. You check your wrist: nothing. You attempt to brush through it, but you’re forced to leave the wet, frazzled mess hanging limp.

What about that morning when the windstorm mussed up your perfect blowout on your way into work? These annoying moments happen all the time because, who wants to wear an ugly back hair tie on their arm when they’re dressing to impress?


via NaturalLife

Luckily, Natural Life has got you covered. These amazingly cute hair ties also act as bracelets. So if you know you’re going to need a hair tie one day, slip on this little beauty. The catchy colors, designs and jewels will add spice to your ensemble. This hairband works over time as a bracelet and a hair accessory.

So if you’re going into work and want to look professional, forget about those ugly black hair ties and put the Laguna Beach Hairband on your wrist. The best thing about these hairbands? They don’t leave a crease (yes, it’s true), so tie your hair back in style with Natural Life’s Bracelet Hairbands.


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