This video is about a man doing what many would say is impossible

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Defying gravity? There are so many viral videos on the internet today, dedicated to so many different subjects. This video in particular is not about the typical cute cats or funny babies. This video is about a man doing what many would say is impossible. On February 19, 2014 Pepsi Max UK posted a video of Damien Walters doing something that many snow boarders and skiers did in the Winter Olympics. The difference between those Olympians and Damien is that Damien did this feat on foot, completely defying gravity. In this 2 minute and 58 second long video we go on a journey with Damien where he makes the decision to do the human loop the loop by foot. Something that people have struggled to do on motorcycles, skateboards, and bikes, Damien dares to do on foot. No wonder this video attracted over 4.6 million viewers. Although this successful video doesn’t remind you to quench your thirst with Pepsi, it is a video that will have people talking and that will be shared on social media often.


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