Famous Kids Storm Modeling Scene

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Celebrity kids are finding careers and platforms in the fashion industry.

It’s no secret that celebrity children attract attention, both for their parents and for themselves. And famous parents open a world of ready-made connections and followings, which makes a move from cradle to model quicker and easier. That’s exactly what many children of celebrities are doing, some of them beginning while still minors.

For example, Iris Law, daughter of Jude Law, landed a makeup modeling deal with Burberry recently. At sixteen, she’s been modeling for less than a year, per her interview with People.

Law’s brother, according to Yahoo News, also models. And there’s a long lineup of celebrities whose children have also found the runway open. Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, recently did some modeling for Paris Fashion week. Willow Smith, whose father is Will Smith, and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose work with Chanel. Cindy Crawford, Bob Dylan, Pierce Brosnan, Noel Gallagher–all have kids who model. Dolce & Gabbana landed Victoria and David Beckham’s sons and Sylvester Stallone’s daughters. According to US Magazine, Romeo Beckham began his career at 10.

And the lineup goes on. Among young celebrity models are Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who had connections to the industry through family members who were famous, or who also modeled.

Although famous children garner large gatherings of followers, some are critical of what their careers say about society, Yahoo News observes. The reason is that celebrity kids often become famous because of their parents before they make notable careers on their own.

But the cultural interest in next-generation fame appears to outweigh those criticisms. The evidence is ample, with young stars like Kylie Jenner gathering more than 19 million followers on Twitter, or 17-year-old Brooklyn Beckham with an Instagram following of nine million.

Cecile Poignant, a trends expert in Paris, told Yahoo that the fascination with celebrity children grew over the last decade and a half.

Whether celebrity kids can maintain careers on the runway and in the spotlight remains to play out, but fans can definitely expect to see them making a try at their own careers.

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