His or Her Fashion, It’s All the Same Now

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In recent years women have been wearing the “boyfriend look.” This includes baggy shirts, jackets, and jeans. The look takes away the attention on the curves of a woman’s body and has made androgyny a staple once more in women’s fashion. Recently, at a Gucci runway show in Milan men were wearing what people are calling the “girlfriend look.” The male models were draped in blouses made out of chiffon, lace, bows, and even high waisted jeans as well was jackets with cropped sleeves. These are all traditionally worn in women’s fashion, but now it seems as though designers have taken it upon themselves to blur the gender lines.

The male models were not the traditional macho men either walking down the runway. They still had strong jaws but their features were more refined and the hair was longer then normal; making the androgyny look easier to accomplish.  Although the women wore boyish clothes at Gucci too, the feminized men looks were the most surprising. 

Gucci is not the only one to embrace this trend; JW Anderson, Meadham Kirchof, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada and Givenchy are other big names that had a more androgynous look to the models.

Designers have put out high heeled boots, proffered skirts, and have moved more towards pink for men. However, men wearing more feminine clothing is nothing new to the fashion world. Now it is just taking a much larger step with materials and styles, but androgyny has always been something for both genders. David Bowie was a man who pushed what men should wear. he wore makeup and a “man dress,” even Mick Jagger has rocked the “man dress” once or twice.

In recent years some men have chosen to wear jeans traditionally for women. Thus, making new and different cuts in pants for men. Blending the genders in fashion is nothing new, but the new looks from these designers might not be for everybody. It’s a little hard to imagine a man with a burly beard in a bright red lace top. If he does more power to him, he can rock that red lace top. The clothes for men at the recent shows in Milan are probably for the more free spirited type of men, who has probably already pushed the ideas of gender in clothes.

According to Quartz at the Prada show “The designer distributed a printed ‘manifesto’ to each guest, raising questions about the role and relevance of traditional gender definitions in fashion.” They certainly are raising that question and thus making people question traditional gender definitions in society as well, because when it starts in high fashion it eventually trickles down to everyday culture.

Photo: Rex Features

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