Fashion Trends For The Fall

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As summer comes to an end, fall quickly races to become the superstar of the new fashion trends. Keeping up with new trends can be overwhelming, but everyone loves fashion because it is always developing and changing. Then again, it is always nice when trends reflect the past. You never know what styles will be popular again this season.

Everything this year, from what you wear out in the city to what you wear at home, is about comfort that recalls the past. Retro looks from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s will shake things up.

Also, shades in burgundy, wines, and purples are showing up on the catwalk. These sweet colors would make even your indoor flowers spring up!

Photo via IMaxTree

Photo via IMaxTree

The smoothness of rich velvet completes these retro looks. Even plaid is back in style! Essentially we need to hit up our mother’s cherished old clothes in the basement.

Photo via IMaxTree

Photo via IMaxTree

While you are digging through old clothes, grab your grandmother’s pearls because they never go out of style. Chokers, stones, and bling are all in the line-up for fall.

Wearing turtlenecks under fitted dresses is also fashionable. High-end vegan faux leather in all shades, from black to charcoal gray and mustard yellow, will also be popular. Gloves in every length and every fabric will be big. Even sweater scarfs will make an impression this fall.

Pajama style pants made from the finest silks in various prints will allow women to walk the streets in style and unadulterated comfort, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Airy dresses with layered skirts are full of flare. Another new style is wearing a mini skirt with a dress underneath.

Many of these trends are not new, but the clothes are being worn in new, distinctive ways. There is something for everyone and every style with these new, comfortable trends.

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