How To Get a Guy to Propose

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Don’t implement a deadline! Who cares if you get engaged this month or next year? Honestly, only you do! Making him feel like he needs to meet a deadline will only frustrate him.

Don’t pressure him! This is one of the worst things that you could do. He’s got plenty of other stress, and adding more stress and pressure on his plate will lead to a shaky start – not a good first step in a marriage.


Make sure you have the same goals. Make sure it’s in the cards for him as much as it is for you. Make sure it’s something that you both spend some time talking about. What if it’s not something he even wants?

Drop Hints. These must be small and not over bearing, but still enough to get him thinking about the idea.


Don’t frequently bring it up. You may not be pressuring him, but you’re probably still annoying him if you keep talking about it. Just trust him, if he wants to do it, and has the same dream you do, he will propose!

Don’t with hold sex until you get the ring. This is one of the worst things you can do. Another form a pressure in terms of intimacy will just aggravated him. It’s important that you don’t manipulate him. He has feelings too!


Don’t get desperate. This will lead to problems as well. Chances are, the fact that it can’t happen sooner is upsetting him too. But that shouldn’t be the basis of your relationship. If it’s all your mind is revolving around, then there’s probably something underlying and you’re worrying about much more than just the “happily ever after”.


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