Google Can Predict the Future in Fashion

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Within this day and age, bounds of knowledge and information are available at people’s fingertips. The weather can be shown ten days ahead. In-depth plans can be made using models or animation. To put it bluntly, technology can do things previously not even imagined. Therefore tech is always changing and upgrading. People are constantly trying to make technology and the internet better.

Today the internet just received a new addition. The search engine Google can now predict fashion trends. Google introduced this technology back in 2015, yet over the course of time, the predicting process has sharpened its focus. Now the engine analyzes actual fashion data in order to come up with the results. Of course with this, there are many, many people behind the scenes

As awesomely amazing as Google is, it does not operate by itself. The company employs millions of people. The talents of all these people come together in order to create a precise search engine. The people behind the scenes help Google to become even more accurate when predicting trends. Even though all of these are predictions it is not to say that they are entirely off the mark.

In 2015 the company introduced this new type of technology. The fashion reports are made up of the most searched and sought after pieces online. This simply shows what exactly people are searching for and when. An example would be that Google kind of predicted how popular Emojis would become. This is true even today because there are still emoji pants, shirts, and even pillows.

Yet what about what is hot right at this very moment? Well, Google, of course, has your back on that. Today, according to, bomber jackets are on the rise. The classic dark colored, military bomber jackets are in style. Yet recently more eccentric colors and designs have gained popularity. Colors like pink and being covered in unique appliqués.

The United Kingdom and the United States have really taken to this trend. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kanye West appear in many of the searches with bomber jackets. This trend is not predicted to go away anytime soon. So feel free to stock up on bomber jackets for the whole family. Bomber jackets are also great because they can be so diverse with colors, styles, and appliqués.

A different trend that you probably noticed is off the shoulder tops. This style of top seems to be gaining popularity with all ages. The materials of the off the shoulder top have also diversified. You can get many in multiple colors in spandex, lace, and even denim. The versatile look offers a casual yet stylish look.

Rompers are also slowly gaining popularity. This is most likely due to celebrity influence, mainly that of Taylor Swift. Yet either way the rompers a quick and beautiful way to dress. The one piece garment makes it easy to get up and go. Not to mention rompers also have tons of vibrantly beautiful prints.

Rompers also have been being made of different materials. You can get a comfy casual one made that look like sweat pants. You could also dress it up and get one with fancy lace designs. Floral rompers also speak to the vintage lover. Plus there are also plenty of loud, dynamic patterns to choose from.

Overall one could say Google has hit a major success. All across the United Staes people are wearing these fashionable items. The best thing about these items may be their versatility. The fashion articles are not only meant for celebrities alone. A normal person could buy one in multiple places from Chanel to Wal-Mart. So anybody with nearly any price range can be included.

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