Green Day Releasing New Album, New Single “Bang Bang”

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Due to these crazy political times, Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman to legendary pop-punk band Green Day, has announced that the world needs a new CD from them again to get through the harsh times. This year they plan to release their twelfth audio album “Revolution Radio” with their first single off the CD being the three minute song “Bang Bang”.

Music fans and commenters have raved about the “Revolution Radio” CD, saying that it sounds similarly to the music style of the 1994 debut CD “Dookie” and 2000’s “Warning” CD. With their latest lyric music video to “Bang Bang”, the band commented that their song tries to envision the psyche of a mass shooter and how society has a part in influencing a murderous rage for certain individuals.

It has been over four years since they released any new songs. Frontman Armstrong said that he was influenced to create a new album after he witnessed protests against the unjustl death of Michael Brown in 2014. Even though he was in New York during the time the protests were active, he was reminded of his old youthful rebellious thoughts to revolt against “the man” as he calls it.

With their 2005 American Idiot CD, Green Day had a specific political concept of rebellion in the album, but their new CD will not have a specific concept. Armstrong admits “Revolution Radio” is more about the chaotic state of the world and how 2016 has brought up unsolved social issues.

When asked if the upcoming presidential election influenced their songs in any way, Armstrong stated that most of the songs him and his band wrote were actually written two years ago. He says it was scary to see how he could have predicted the state of politics a bit with his band’s new songs.

Green Day plans to release “Revolution Radio” on October 7th. The new single “Bang Bang” is available on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, and is available to listen to on Green Day’s Facebook page.

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