Little Muenster

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Say cheese! Little Muenster, the tiny, self-proclaimed “super fancy grilled cheese” joint in Manhattan’s Lower East Side truly hits the spot on those days when you’re craving some delicious comfort food. It boasts some amazing sandwich options for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are sure to seriously satisfy your cravings. Most options are served on local sourdough bread and can be topped with anything from fried eggs to pickled jalapenos to even lobster meat.

Some great options include the loaded B.E.L.T grilled cheese sandwich including bacon, fried egg, lettuce and tomato with muenster cheese. Another favorite is the Number 2, which has blueberry jam with ricotta cheese and mascarpone. There are tons of delicious options, and of course you can pair up your grilled cheese with a tomato soup. Vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free options for bread and cheese are also available for those with unique food needs. This tiny joint also serves a couple different types of beer.

via Little Muenster

via Little Muenster

While the restaurant only has a couple small tables, they have delivery options via Seamless, so you can enjoy the gooey, cheesy creations at home if you live in the area. Be sure to check out this fresh and delicious gourmet sandwich shop ASAP!




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