What is So Important about Fashion Models?

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If you love all things trending and fashion related, you probably don’t question the idea of models and catwalks very often. But to those unbelievers of the fashion world, its probable that you’ve asked yourself, “What’s the point?”. And really, who can blame you? Why does the fashion industry thrive, and essentially lose function without their fashion models?

Models are supposed to be a physical representation of a brand. They represent products and clothes that designers make, and bring them to life. It is important for viewers to see the finished product; what it would look like, what to accessorize with, how a piece moves, etc. Without models, the public wouldn’t aspire to buy big fashion names and labels. This is not just because they wouldn’t know what the pieces would look like on a real, live human figure, but also because of the lack of hype of big agencies. In case you haven’t noticed, fashion shows are regal, almost celebratory occasions. They are promotion parts for big names and fashion designers all over the world! If there is no fuss over a product, then it loses its appeal and luster.

This is where models come in. They bring the party with them – literally. They help bring excitement to the fashion industry and allow the public to embrace new ideas, looks and trends.


I, Melissa Garcia, make sure to physically express myself through my hair, accessories and shoes. While interested in fashion, lifestyle and fitness & health, that’s just the surface - I’m particularly drawn to the underlying psychological basis of what lies beneath it.

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