Jennifer Lawrence Sings Awefuly/Hilariously on Letterman

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Very beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence stopped by David Letterman to promote The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part one. During the interview she spoke about singing, amidst talk of other phobias like hypochondria, she has a fear of singing in front of people.

She described an incident in eighth-grade where she sang in front of the entire school, in what she describes as a “tone deaf Amy Winehouse” voice. After her rendition, David Letterman coaxed her into singing a duet in said voice. The 24-year-old Oscar-winner admits this event “scarred” her from singing in public.

“I have a mother – a southern mother – just used to just tell me that I was amazing at everything, and I could do everything, but the voice i had the… I had when I was like eight, and so I sang in front of the school because I was like I can do that! I can do anything!”

The song in question was “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” and did not go over so well. “My dad laughed for like an entire week.” The actress said.

For The Hunger Games Mockingjay, the actress was asked to sing “The Hanging Tree”. She said this of the experience.

“I still haven’t heard it. I put my fingers in my ears… I was like “will you guys please get like Lorde to really sing it, and I’ll lip-synch?” They said no it’s really got to be your voice so I avoided watching that scene.”


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