Johnny Depp Surprises Disneyland Guests As Jack Sparrow

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Disneyland is full of iconic themed rides and attractions, each brightening up everyone’s day as they get to explore their favorite movie rides.

Pirates of the Caribbean have their own park in Disneyland, a joy to people who have enjoyed the film. The Disneyland Resort is located in Anaheim, California, where Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance to the visitors during one of the popular rides. He came out dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow Wednesday night. He wanted to be able to see who wanted to explore the inspiration behind the movie.

Guests were happily shocked that Johnny Depp was right in front of them, phones out to capture the moment.

Depp, who is 53 this year went all out in his Jack Sparrow costume and proceeded to act out scenes from the movie, pointing and waving his sword at the excited passengers. Social media was blowing up, with people posting videos about how wonderful it was to see their favorite character in real life.

Moments like those do not happen often as fans went wild over Depp’s presentation and cheered loudly because he was there. It made the experience of being at Disneyland that more special.

More videos surfaced of everyone filming the famous motion picture actor, making other fans who could not attend jealously.

This has not been the first time Depp has come out in full character to entertain the audience. While visiting Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. He was out in Australia filming yet another great movie when the idea came to his mind. Children in the hospital were overly delighted to see Johnny Depp and interact with him in an intimate setting.

One of the children was Max Bennett, a seven-year-old who recently was in a medically induced coma because of his diagnose with transverse myelitis.

It was a sweet moment that Depp took his personal time and went to visit children. The encounters were moving and the children were extremely happy that Depp was interacting with them, taking the time to make conversation.

It was easier for Depp because he was not pushed around and screamed at by fans and paparazzi that try to get too close to him. Depp was very comfortable in the children’s hospital, asking the kids how they are doing and letting them take photos and videos with them. The visit was not rushed, which made the chance to meet him more likely.

There is not enough news about what celebrities to when they are not working. There are more images of them walking around LA, critiqued about appearances and love life. They have different lives that do not revolve around the Hollywood lifestyle, going to charities and foundations that cater to people who want to meet their role-models.

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