Kim Kardashian’s Bachelorette Party

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Kim and Kanye have, and now just hour s before her wedding, Kim was seen out on the town with her closest friends celebrating what is believed to be her bachelorette party.

The whole Kardashian family has made their way out to France to spend time with the soon to be married couple. This is all in preparation for the widely talked about Kimye wedding set to happen March 24th.

What could be more appropriate than the mini dress she wore? Kim sported a bejeweled dress with long sleeves and a high neckline. In the middle of the dress covering her chest was a circle with flowers in the middle. The dress, designed by Balmain, was reportedly worth $20,000. This was a a small price to pay for what is becoming one of the most highly anticipated weddings.

This is only a glimpse into the highly anticipated dress she’ll be walking down the aisle in. Although neither her wedding dress nor has the price of it been revealed, people are speculating it could run up to $2 million.

Kanye and the Jenner boys were nowhere in sight, but one can only imagine they were having  their own fun at a bachelor party for Kanye.

Kim’s bachelorette party consisted of all her closest friends and family, female only. Her sisters and other close friends were invited along with her through a night in Paris filled with food, drink, and pictures. They roamed Paris linking arms, holding hands, and of course: posing.

Kim’s bachelorette party was documented on her Instagram where she, her family and friend posted pictures of themselves posing at different monuments in France, taking pictures of just themselves, and the French delicacies they tried while they were there.

Kim has not posted any photos  to give away what the wedding will be like today, but fans of the couple can only hope that their wedding is just as photographed,

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