Kohl’s is Making Head Pieces for Cancer Treatment Patients

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Kohls, an American department store has asked volunteers to create a special fashion collection.

Designers have come together to create scarves, hats, and headwraps for those who have lost their hair to cancer and cancer treatments. One of the designers, Jessica Helfer has mentioned that they are constructing head accessories because they would like to bring light to cancer patient’s days so that they feel loved and appreciated by the Kohl’s staff.

Kohl’s has partnered up with the American Cancer Society to help distribute the finished work to various hospitals. The adornments will be free of charge, making it better for the patient’s to enjoy the experience more.

Starting in the fall is when the distributions will be starting. Julie Schumann who is part of the American Cancer Society has been incredibly grateful that Kohl’s is doing this collection just for cancer patients. The American Cancer Society cannot thank Kohl’s enough for their dedication and joy that they are bringing to the forefront. The patients will be surprised at how well the designs will have turned out, and the American Cancer Society is excited to see what is in store with their partnership with Kohl’s.

The Product Development Coordinator at Kohl’s, Ann Harnack says, “It is a feel good moment. It is hard not to get choked up every time you talk about it, it is just a feel good moment,”

The items that Kohl’s will be donating will be sensitive to the cancer patients but will provide them with support from other communities like Kohl’s. It is not often that people see a clothing retailer come out and aid in the lives of other people. Kohl’s has made a wonderful exception to the busy life that they are always leading, so the impact makes it all the sweeter.

The patients at the hospitals make it clear every day that they want to feel comfortable. It is not always as easy for them to feel good, hence why Kohl’s has made their decision to step in with beautiful headpieces.

Each of the patients gets the head-piece in a gift wrapped box complete with a message of hope inside. Kohl’s is hoping that they will be able to donate about 500 head wraps to the American Cancer Society. They want to be able to give out flattering fashion statement pieces to the patients that fit in with the trends at the time.

“If they open the package and we can bring a little light even in that one moment, that is what this is all about,” Helfer said.

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