LaQuan Smith Creates a Retail Runway

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At New York Fashion Week, LaQuan Smith sent his models down the runway with tablets in their hands. No, this was not a political commentary on social media or even a plea for a disconnect.

The tablets were symbolic of the renovating efforts Smith is making in the fashion industry. As a part of his ‘see now, buy now’ concept, the designers latest Fall/Winter collection hit the runway and his new online store simultaneously.

Instead of waiting the obligatory months after the runway show to purchase these coveted looks, Smith is making his collection readily available to Fashion Week guest and global consumers on his new website.

Smith comments on his efforts to shake things up in the fashion world; he tells WWD, “I wanted to do something a little more daring. I wanted to challenge the status quo for how and when consumers are able to purchase designs.”

And he has received a little help from BigCommerce’s ecommerce platform, who helped design and build Smith’s brand on the new site. Smith commented on the collaboration, “BigCommerce helped me build an online store that’s truly an extension of my brand, with a modern, simple aesthetic that highlights the clothes in the most beautiful way.”

Hoping to extend the runway to the virtual world, Smith tapped Pixel Union designers to help toe that line of the real and virtual. Smith wanted the experience of purchasing to mirror the experience of the brand in person. And after generating 3-dimensional images to help facilitate that in-person experience, the collection went live.

Like all virtual realities, the question still begs, can it really be the same? Well, Smith’s 215% revenue increase and 108% boost in site visitors sure suggests it does.

LaQuan Smith has founded the future of the runway retail. Check out the website and get your free trial of BigCommerce today.

Hailing from Ewing, I'm a Jersey girl through and through meaning endless bagels and constantly defending the state from the stereotypes of Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. I love the red carpet of any and all award shows and shamelessly indulge in Fashion Police the next day with an even greater intrigue. I'm an avid Netflix binge-watcher, but could also be perfectly content traveling around Europe with a few of the classics and a map in my bag.

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