Man in Calgary Charged for Tying a Hundred Helium Balloons to a Chair to Fly Over City

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Sometimes criminal activity can be committed in the most unconventional ways indeed. One man from Calgary decided to tie up a hundred balloons to his chair and lift off over the city.

A witness spotted a man at Harlow Avenue at about 7:30 in the evening on Sunday floating about on his chair. Apparently, the man was trying to land on Stampeded Grounds. However, when he was in the air, he saw a patch of green land and jumped off his chair and opened a parachute that was attached to his back.

Officials are still trying to figure out what his intentions really were. The man named Daniel Boria, who is 26 years-old was arrested and charged with mischief causing endangerment to life.

Even though the offense doesn’t seem too criminal and rather out of the Pixar film Up, he could have easily hurt himself or dropped down on a civilian and caused a mishap. The police say that Boria claimed he was trying to get to his destination in an unconventional way to advertise for his cleaning supplies. Boria said,

“It was incredible. I was just by myself on a $20 lawn chair up in the sky above the clouds.”

Image: Via Flickr/frankieleon

  • Bobby

    Since “Up” came out, I knew someone was going to try something like this –I’m sad it wasn’t me actually. Can’t believe he got arrested though, police don’t have real criminals to apprehend?!

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