New Comedy on CBS is Offending the Millennial Generation!

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During the Television Critic Awards press conference, Mike Gibbons, executive producer of CBS, previewed a new comedy called The Great Indoors. While he was discussing the show with film critics and reporters alike, he started to discuss the latest focus group of millennials who watched the pilot and was surprised to see that they were offended by the show.

Tensions in the TCA press conference ran high when Gibbons started to talk about how millennials today need to develop “tougher skin” as he calls it. He recalled a particular member of the focus group who viewed the pilot episode and said the show was offensive because it claimed millennials were coddled with kid-gloved hands in the real world.

Reportedly, the TCA press conference started to get uneasy when the creators of the show continued to comment cynically about millennials. One millennial reporter even stated that the majority of the shows jokes rely’s on degrading a millennial’s work ethic.

The reporter claimed that as a millennial herself, why would anyone assume that we as a group didn’t work hard to get a decent job when it is proven that it is harder today to obtain a job with the declining job market.

Instead, Gibbons and Stephen Fry, one of the actors of the show, remarked that millennials are always saying that things are harder for them and that they both have to personally coddle millennials in their job industry. The reporter exchanged a few cuss words with the actor and Gibbons for their complete negative outlook at the millennial generation.

Gibbon’s, who started to notice him and Fry were offending more and more TCA’s media reporters, tried to rebuke his last comments by saying the show will embrace the millennial generation because it is about them. He also commented that millennials are smart and this show would give them a valuable voice. Although instead of leaving a semi-positive message for the TCA media audience, he said that millennials would have a lot of potential in the work atmosphere if they decided to stop taking constant pictures of themselves on their phones.

When one other reporter asked if Gibbons was worried about viewers seeing the new show as a middle aged white guy’s derogatory commentary about young people, he commented that the show is going to “make America great again”.

It seems like The Great Indoors executive producer wants to become the new Donald Trump of Cable TV.

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