Nicki Minaj Shows Off New Outfit For “Light My Body Up” Music Video

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We all know who Nicki Minaj is and we also know how she loves to feel sexy in her own skin. And she should! The star stepped out on Friday, March 24th to show the public the outfit she will be wearing for her new music video “Light My Body Up” featuring David Guetta and Lil Wayne. The outfit included a mesh mask and latex lingerie, which she pulled off brilliantly.

Nicki Minaj is known for the way she can pull off any look, no matter how weird it can get. The various wigs she also used to wear symbolized Nicki’s unique way of embracing her inner self. Minaj loves to show off her body, she gives fan what they want to see and we are all amazed at how confident she is. Half the clothing she wears are items that I probably would not feel comfortable in public in. That does not mean that she has bad taste, it means that the judgment from others does not make me feel good. It is an issue Minaj talks about frequently because she does not want girls and women to feel scared.

She flaunts her skin beautifully, as she always has. The singer can make a tracksuit in her music video for “Anaconda” look and feel sexy, which is a big accomplishment for a female singer. Everyday, women are being slammed for what they wear, how they wear it, and what they look like. Minaj does not stand for that. She is her own person and will not let a handful of cruel comments bring her down. I am inspired by her, along with every one of her fans.

Being a celebrity is not an easy job. Constantly having to deal with paparazzi and the media making up stories and rumours have a big impact on the stars’. Minaj does not let things fly, she fights for what she believes in and addresses every nasty word said about her with ease.

Minaj and other female artists are great for young women to look up to. There are many celebrities that tell girls and women to love themselves even when society is telling us not to. There is more of a social acceptance movement on the rise now with hopes of more young girls/teens/women feeling under-pressured by who they are.

Nicki Minaj is a fierce woman with awesome style. She has an attitude that people love because she does not let herself be upset in certain situations.

Women and young girls can hide behind a wall and feel bad when they are knocked down. It is a tiring feeling when you are trying to do your best and someone wants to pull you off the pedestal. Minaj does an amazing way of making sure all voices are heard. That is how all girls and women should feel.

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