‘Ocean’s Eight’ Staring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Ann Hathaway

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There have been rumors of a possible Ocean’s Eleven reboot in the works, but now Warner Brothers who is co-working with Village Roadshow production, has confirmed that the newly named Ocean’s Eight film is close to starting production. Village Roadshow is also expected to be co-producing and co-financing the film with Warner Bros.

The most astonishing news is the leading cast members are set out to be women. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, and Helena Bonham Carter are set to be attached to the project. Currently, Anne Hathaway and pop singer Rhianna are set out to join Ocean’s Eight cast too.

Unfortunately, the infamous Steven Soderbergh will not be involved with the new Ocean movie in a creative aspect. Instead, Hunger Games director Gary Ross is assigned to the Ocean’s Eight film and also commented that Nora Lum (Aka Awkwafina rap artist) is expected to join the movie cast.

Ross has also commented on the film’s aesthetic style, saying that it would have the similar tone and quality as the last three Ocean films. When asked how he could possibly continue the same auteur film quality as Soderbergh, Ross confirmed that he will be working with the auteur filmmaker as a fellow producer and also be placed as the secondary director.

He commented that both himself and Soderbergh are really good friends and that they wouldn’t have rebooted the Ocean’s Eleven series if he wasn’t confident they couldn’t get it done. He stated that the film will feel like a continuation and an extension of the Ocean’s Eleven world.

Olivia Milch has yet to produce the final draft of the Ocean’s Eight film. Along with Soderbergh and Ross, Susan Ekins joined along to be an executive producer. The studio also attached Jesse Ehrman and Greg Silverman to overlook the film’s development.

Soderbergh and Ross started the project by talking to Silverman, who happens to be Warner Brothers President of Creative Development. During the first conversations of rebooting the Ocean’s Eleven series, Jerry Weintraub, who was the original producer to the past Ocean’s Eleven films, planned to join the new Ocean movie, but died last summer before active development started.

Ocean’s Eight is expected to start production this October in New York.

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