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Sometimes you just want to find some new stores to see what they have to offer. There is nothing wrong with staying loyal to any store. It happens when they have the clothes you love with the price you love even more. Variety is something that everyone should have in their closet, because experimenting with different looks is always a lot of fun. Here are a few online shops that have really great clothing and the prices do vary shop to shop, but they are worth looking into.

If you want to try to look a lot more fashion forward than Koshka is the place for you. It has prints on prints, and the cut of some of the clothes are unique. If you’re not scared to try something completely different this online boutique is right up your alley. The clothes have more of a regular boutique prices however. Clothes can range from $35 to over $300. There is free shipping available for orders over $140 and that won’t be hard to achieve with these prices.

Another online shop that has similar prices is a Canadian based store called Boutique 1861. These boutique carries more vintage looking clothes, but there are still modern looks as well. The pieces from this online store are more classic. If you were to shop here you can keep these pieces in your wardrobe for many years to come.

One online shop to check out is Reformation. This shop makes clothes that are not harmful to the environment and who doesn’t want to help the planet? The prices for the clothes are little pricey, but there is free shipping. You don’t need to reach a certain amount in your order or anything, all the orders ship for free.

G-Stage has some more of the trendy looks available for a really price. Their dresses range from $6.99 to $37.99, and who doesn’t want to pay less than $50 for a dress? They even have an extensive plus size section of their website, which is always a breath of fresh air for online shops. Best part for the curvy ladies of the world is that their plus size clothes are actually really cute. They are also on trend and there are various different looks besides tunics and super flowy tops. There are more curve hugging clothes that will flaunt your curves.

6pm is where you can find your favorite designers and labels for super cheap. This is wear you can get a top that is Calvin Klein and was sold originally for $59.99 and buy it for $39.99. That is a steal! There are various different labels and names on this site and for really discounted prices. Some of the clothes are a little pricier, but when compared to what they used to cost you can probably reason with yourself to purchase that dress.

Trying out new stores is easier in this day and age. You can pretty much get and cut and style anywhere now for a pretty great price. Then it will be on your doorstep in about a week after you ordered it. Maybe you should start hiding your credit card from yourself so you don’t spend all your money.

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