A Pale Girl’s Guide to Makeup

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Being fair skinned can pose a lot of issues, such as the constant threat of sunburn and not really being able to wear white, and furthermore, makeup is pretty difficult to shop for. Just because the foundation is called fair does not mean it will match your skin. Some powders are difficult to choose as well because once you find the foundation the powder can make you look a different color. But have no fear! Here are a few tips for shopping for makeup as a pale girl.

Be aware of what your undertone is. Knowing what your undertone color is will make a world of difference. Shopping for a foundation will become so much more easy after this distinction is made. How do you find out you undertone is? The answer is a little odd but look at your veins on your wrist. This will help you figure out what undertone you have. If you have greenish veins your undertone is yellow and warmer. If your veins are blueish then you have a cool and pink undertone. If you have neither or both then you have a neutral undertone. Normally for fairer skin the undertone is cool and pink. That does not mean that you can’t have a warm or neutral undertone, however, so check your wrists.

When it comes to powder things can get tricky. You may pick the same color as your foundation for your powder but it doesn’t look quite right. Instead of trying to find a matching color for your skin reach for the translucent powder. It will still set your makeup but not add any more color to your face. Translucent powder can be used for more things like setting lipstick or your liquid eyeliner, and therefore is a good product to have in your collection

Bronzer is a scary product for fair skinned people. If you use the wrong color or use a little too much it can turn into a huge mess. Maybe you have given up on it by now, but bronzer is still something pale people can use. Use the lightest shade you can find and make sure it is matte. Benefit’s Hoola is usually a good bronzer for varying skin tones but you can always look around for something lighter. When applying bronzer use a very light hand and then blend like a crazy person. It all really comes down to blending well and it will be subtle enough where it won’t look weird. And by wearing bronzer, you won’t look like a ghost.

The same goes with blush. Using a light hand with blush won’t overwhelm your face. Bright colors stand out on fair skin since it’s so white. Barely touching your cheeks with a nice pink or rose color can give you the peaches-and-cream face of the historian era. If this is something you want to achieve, just remember: less is more.

Now go forth and shop for makeup with more confidence. Pale skin is beautiful, just like all skin tones. You just have to be careful what colors you use, and you can look like a classic beauty from older times. 

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