Why Passive Aggressive Fighting Needs to Stop

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Girls are known to be mean, and when there’s a fight between friends stay away because it sure to get ugly. Warring friends is something no one likes to get involved in, especially when it’s two of your closest companions. However, it may be time to talk some sense into both of them, because avoiding the problem is just making it worse.

Friends love to talk about each other, and sometimes fights can break out because nothing was said when something clearly needed to be. Instead of screaming at each other and throwing a friendly punch or two (welcome to the life of a testosterone-filled male), girls will simply give the cold shoulder. Its called being passive aggressive, and it needs to stop… now.

Via Photospin

Via Photospin

If you see two of your friends going through a vicious passive aggressive cold war (cue the Soviet Union references), then it may be time to talk some sense into one, or both, of them. Don’t get involved, but just suggest that they talk directly to each other because it is guaranteed that once they do things will actually go back to normal (for everyone).

Passive aggressive fights between girl friends can go on forever, and if confrontation never happens the smack talking behind backs will never end. The hardest thing about passive aggressive fights is that the problem is never discussed; therefore the anger just continues to build. Sooner or later someone will just explode and say a lot of things they really don’t mean. Instead of fueling the fire with silence, take a deep breath and calmly sit down and explain your side of the situation.

If it’s you and your best friend who are fighting, it’s almost guaranteed she’s feeling the same way and you had no idea. Conflicts are most definitely inevitable, but don’t let one ruin an entire friendship. The key is communication, and if one of your friends is freezing you out, ask her why. While it may be scary to sit down and confront your best friend, it has to be done. Once you finally do talk, you’ll be glad you did.


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