Politics Aside, First Ladies and Fashion

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The new first lady worked with her designer to create her inaugural gown. Melania Trump drew some positive commentary for the dress she collaborated on with Hervé Pierre, according to USA Today. The dress, an off-white, off-shoulder piece, featured an asymmetrical sweep over the bodice and a red ribbon around the waist. Pierre said that the gown reflected Trump’s sensibilities, given its straightforward, unfussy design.

Ivanka Trump also drew attention with a gown from Carolina Herrera, a sparkling V-necked dress with a flowing skirt and sheer sleeves.

Hervé Pierre left his position as creative director at Carolina Herrera less than a year ago, and his design for Trump could mean a major step for his popularity.

The line between political figures and fashion icon has frequently blurred. Even presidential candidacy puts fashion choices in the spotlight; for example, Hillary Clinton became known on the campaign trail for her various pantsuits. As a historical recollection, Diana Spencer, or England’s Princess Diana, had high media attention for her fashion choices, much as Kate Middleton does now.

It’s no different when it comes to first ladies instead of princesses; Jackie Kennedy is an example of a trendsetting political figure, and Michelle Obama’s fashion choices have garnered much admiration over the 8 years in the White House. One of her more recent styles was a dark blue floral gown by Jason Wu, which she chose for a dinner with Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime Minister, according to CBS News. Michelle Obama also wore the strapless gown for the Obama family Christmas card for 2016.

And while Obama’s wearing Jason Wu designs brought him a lot of notice, she also wore plenty of already established brands, too, such as Versace, according to USA Today.

Already, the Trump women’s fashion choices have drawn interest and (for some) approval. Melania Trump wore a powdery blue skirt suit for the inauguration itself. Ivanka Trump chose a white pantsuit, according to Refinery 29.

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