Pretty in Pearls

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The epitome of ladylike culture can be viewed in the beauty of pearls. Their classic nature and uncomparable quality are what set pearls apart from all other jewels in the jewelry department. The power of adding pearls does not stop at conquering a ladylike appeal. Pearls can also create a nice contrast against a menswear inspired piece. Take for example, a tuxedo. By itself a tuxedo is seen as just another item borrowed from the boys. But add a touch of pearls and you can almost transform the look of it. Pearls have the ability to transform a look to classic status. Just think of all of the trendy outfits that you have created. Now think of how those looks could be upgraded with a touch of pearls. It may seem ambitious to think that just one classic item can elevate an entire look to classic status. But with the right combination of stylish apparel and accessories, pearls can be the one item that seals together an entire look.


Add pearls to your winter outfits. A touch of pearls would be great added to a simple white t shirt and this seasons blanket sweater. Or create a juxtaposition and pair multiple strands of pearls with a pair of rugged combat boots. The power of transformation is not limited to just these combinations. The possibilities of transformation with pearls is endless. So be creative with your pairings. Also, experiment with wearing pearls with other jewelry. Pearls can be added to chain link necklaces and diamonds. So don’t be afraid to cross style boundaries with pearls.


For a selection of pearl jewelry to add to your jewelry box, check out the choices below.


1. A pearl bracelet is the perfect classic item to add to a statement making watch on your wrist. This pearl bracelet is available online at Ann Taylor for $49.50.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.55.29 PM


2. No fashionista’s jewelry collection is complete without several strands of pearls. This pearl necklace is available online at J. Crew for $98.00.




3. Swap those worn out hoop earrings for a pair that feature pearls. This pair is available online at Lyst for $122.00.



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