Red Carpet for Less

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Let’s face it. Every fashionista dreams of having a cinderella moment. A time when all eyes are on her and she can soak up all of the attention. The truth is that having a red carpet moment can be expensive. Just the jewels alone can cost as much as the mortgage on a home. This just leaves a fashionista wishing and hoping that someday she will have her moment to shine. But that day may be here sooner than she thinks.

This is because of the lower price market available to fashion buyers. A lower priced market means you can find a replica of the gown your favorite celebrity was wearing on the red carpet. With the launching of the award season, one can only dream of wearing one of the expensive gowns you see on the red carpet. It doesn’t have to be all wishful thinking. Instead take note of what your favorite gowns were. Pay attention to the design detail, including accessories and shoes. Also, don’t forget that this is also prom season.

So if you are in high school you have the perfect playground to experiment with different looks. Once you have studied the dress of your dreams, have someone sketch it for you. Then use this sketch as a guide for when you go shopping. If you haven’t found the dress after searching through various stores, hire a seamstress. There is nothing as head turning as a customized gown. Everyone will be wondering where you got the dress but won’t be able to replicate it.

So, it is possible to get a red carpet look for less. Use this award season as your guide to the dream dress.


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