Robyn and Röyksopp Create “Accidental Pop Gems”

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Swedish Pop Star, Robyn, recently did a collaboration with the Norweigian production duo, Röyksopp (Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland), with noteworthy results! According to Billboard, the three artists have discussed what is to come of their work, releasing a small, five-song album. Out on May 26th, the “mini album” is entitled “Do it Again”.

In their segment with Billboard, the collaborators explained the process leading up to “Do it Again”, which is the single off of the album, calling it an “accidental pop song” created after an “epic night” – while the specifics of this “epic night were not disclosed, its safe to say that it presumably left ambiguous for a reason. The pop artist initially headed to Norway to work with the duo with hopes of avoiding the stress and pressures of following up with another hit album that can match or supercede her hit album, “Body Talk”. “I started going over there in the summer of 2013, and we started working with no real agenda.” The Swedish sensation says. “It was an outlet for not having to live up to anything but my own expectations.”

“Do it Again” had barely been released before it hit number 16 on the Billboard’s chart, under Hot Dance/Electronica Songs. The other released single, “Monument” marks the first song that Robyn has ever allowed to be used for commercial media, as it was used in a new Volvo Commercial. Do you think it’s all that or all flat?

Watch both “Do it Again” and “Monument” in lyric videos and you be the judge.


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