Shailene Woodley Reportedly Pleading Disorderly Conduct After DAPL Arrest

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Actress Shailene Woodley has been sentenced following her arrest in October, according to People. Woodley was arrested while at the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

She received charges of criminal trespassing and participating in a riot, both misdemeanors; however, the charges appear to have been dismissed, Refinery29 reported. Instead, the actress has reportedly agreed to a plea deal, where she will receive a year of probation for pleading guilty of disorderly conduct. The probation will be unsupervised.

Woodley said she wished she’d have taken the opportunity to make her mug shot better. The picture went viral after her arrest, and in hindsight, Woodley said she would have made a face.

There were 27 others arrested the same day Woodley was, from among more than 100 protesters at the Standing Rock front. Woodley was using Facebook for livestreaming during the protest, and her arrest was included in the video. She gave her phone to her mother and told her to keep on recording, which Woodley said left her mother wearing a shocked expression. However, the stream continued. Woodley said she couldn’t imagine what the incident had been like for her mom.

The DAPL building is still to progress, since President Trump issued an executive order for it to continue.

In light of the order, Woodley, who was an active voice in the protests, is calling for other protestors to persist. Following her arrest she penned a long open letter entitled “Shailene Woodley: The Truth About My Arrest,” asking for people to join in the efforts against the pipeline, saying that they should advocate for Native American peoples, instead of simply sensationalizing a celebrity’s arrest.

Woodley also said that protestors shouldn’t be limited to North Dakota. Protesting, she said, raises awareness and brings people together, so people can voice their objections from anywhere.

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