Is Social Media Ruining Relationships?

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A lot of young people are active on social media. They comment and like other people’s pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But can these activities cause a rift in young peoples’ relationships? I asked two young adults  how social media usage has affected their lives:

via flickr/Jason A. Howie

via flickr/Jason A. Howie

Andrea, 23

“I love social media. I use it all the time. But it can cause trouble for people who are insecure or unsure in their relationships. Situations can get really complicated because people over analyze ‘social media politics.’ Like, what  does it mean when he likes her picture on Instagram? Why is she following him on Twitter? Why is he still friends with his ex on Facebook? With social media everything is tracked and people are always watching your activity. Nothing is hidden. I had a friend breakup with her boyfriend when she found out several messages and pictures between him and several girls. I tell everyone to think before you post.”


Ron, 20

“Social media can be pretty messy. I was with a girl for six months before social media got in between us. I’ll admit that I wasn’t so innocent. I flirted with a few girls online. I told them that they were really pretty and liked their pics. But that was it. There was no transfer of phone numbers. But my girl started to get real jealous and look through my phone. There wasn’t any physical contact between us so she shouldn’t have been so paranoid. I couldn’t take the drama anymore and left the relationship.”


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