Starbucks on the Runway

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Starbucks celebrates new their Frappuccino flavors with a fashion show based on the popular drink.

A video was uploaded to Starbucks Japan’s YouTube account on Monday called, “Starbucks Summer Party 2015 “’Fruit-on-top-yogurt Frappuccino’”.

New York Fashion Week has long been over, but that didn’t stop Starbucks from creating their own runway looks.



The video began with showing how the new drink is made. Nuts and yogurt are blended together and poured into the typical cup for cold Starbucks drinks. Pureed fruits, in flavors such as orange, strawberry, yellow peach and white peach are put on top of the blended drink, and the whole thing is topped off with whip cream.

Tokyo fashion designer and the 2012 New Comer’s Prize at Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix Japan Taro Horiuchu designed the runway looks.

Each outfit, worn by various Japanese models had a different theme, that when they come together towards the end of the video are meant to represent all of the components of the new Frappuccino.

The runway was set up to be a beautiful spring day in the park, the perfect time to consume the new Frappuccino.



Starbucks Newsroom said, “[Horiuchu] created dresses and separates that playfully captured the essence of the beverage with fruit on the top.”

“Yogurt” who sported a blue and white ensemble. Her top was white was adorned with blue and white polk-a-dot circles.

From “crunched nuts” which was a loose hanging tan dress which had chunks of brown fabric cut into various shapes, made to resemble crushed up almonds. She was also carrying what appeared to be a giant nut in her hand as an accessory.

“Fruits” wore a pink dress with white, yellow, magenta, and orange florals fixed to her dress.



The outfit for “cream” featured a crop top and high-waisted skirt. The top hung loosely and had a shine to it, while the bottom had the same material, with a white mesh material over top of it.

The whole video came together at the end where a model in a white strapless gown with blue, and maroon stripes at the bottom, and a similar white mesh that was on the cream out came out and was surrounded by the other ingredient models.

Those who have seen the video are speculating that the last model is meant to resemble the Starbucks cup. The other models gathered around her and place some of their own adornments onto the last model, as if they were putting all the ingredients in the cup to make the new drink.

The models stood on stage together and swayed back and forth, holding their Frappuccino’s and sipping delightfully from them.

Each model surrounded the one in the strapless ensemble, and place their ingredients on her, completing the look, and the metaphorical yogurt.

Sadly, it appears that this Frappuccino has only been released in Japan. The drink will only be available from April 15 to June 2.


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