Street Style is Your Style

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The best thing about fashion and style is that you get to express who you are through your clothes. There is no better way of doing that than with street style. Street style is what you wear on a day to day basis. It is what people see you wearing when you are out and about going through your day. Street style tends to follow today’s trends with a twist on them from your own personal style.

A lot of people also pull from the street style from fashion week, but then tame it down a bit. Unless you want to wear an oversized jumpsuit with a huge overcoat; if that’s the case, then go for it! However, the trend of street style has some similarities. It seems as though monochromatic, oversized, and vintage are what the fashion forward are wearing.

The 70’s have returned with high waisted pants and loud prints. Even jumpsuits, that were widely popular in the 70’s, are making a comeback. Pair this with a jacket and some boots and you are the peak of trends for street style. However if you want to do something not so high  fashion, wearing high waisted pants with a vintage t shirt is also a really cool look for everyday.

Oversized dresses are something women are turning to for everyday wear. It’s easy and comfortable and you can wear pretty much any shoe you want with it. What will make outfits like this really stand out are the accessories that you can add to it. You can have fun vintage jewelry and bags. Also, a hat always adds a little extra something to a look.

Sets have been trending recently in the fashion world, as well as wearing monochromatic clothing. This changes up the uniform look a bit by using clothes that are either in the same color shades or just the same color. Apple red is not the same at every store, and you can have fun by mixing and matching pieces that are supposed to be the same color. You see the different shades of the same color, and you’ll enjoy making yourself stand out of the crowd.

However, street style is what you make it to be. You can put together whatever outfit you want and there it is street style. Mixing patterns and colors and creating a new look is the most fun you can have with fashion. So, wear what you want to wear with confidence and anything can be fierce.

I am an artist, a painter. I paint my words, to express how I see the world and from which angle. I cover fashion, entertainment and daily breaking news. Got a tip or an idea? Please comment and share!

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