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Self consciousness. Of course, this comes in all different shapes and sizes, and you’re no different. Most insecurities you can hide behind. But this? This is something everyone sees, and no amount of hunching will ever change it.

You’re always asked if you play sports. Honestly though, who cares? Whoever is asking this question is really just making small talk and probably doesn’t care. Why do they even ask? Your pants are always too short. Finding pants that fit your waist perfectly is stressful enough by itself! 

“How tall are you?” As they try to guess, they’re usually wrong, and your left with a bored face thinking, yet again, “why on Earth does it matter how tall I am?”

You can’t swap clothes with friends. This sucks because there are times where you just have to borrow something last minute, but you can’t because either their dress is a shirt on you, or your dress is a parachute on them!

You get bad posture from trying to hide your height. This usually is when you first get that growth spurt, and your friends tease you. Don’t hide it, own it!

You always have to wonder if your blind date is shorter than you. And then when he is (because let’s face it, he usually is) it’s even more annoying because when you don’t call him back, your friends judge you for being “too shallow”!

You can’t wear heels. Oh yes, you can!! Sometimes, you may even find people (usually a significant other) telling you not to where heels because you’ll make them look even shorter! How could you not?! This is the best part of dressing up and going out! Forget about them, strut your stuff and be proud of it!



I, Melissa Garcia, make sure to physically express myself through my hair, accessories and shoes. While interested in fashion, lifestyle and fitness & health, that’s just the surface - I’m particularly drawn to the underlying psychological basis of what lies beneath it.

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