The Difference Between Love and Admiration

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Most people throughout the world crave affection. We attempt to share our love with very certain people. Yet how does the sharing of love occur? People usually earn our love over time. We see them in different lights and situations and that love can grow and develop. Yet there are different kinds of love that exist.

The Greeks had six different categories of love. The six types were eros, philia, ludus, agape, pragma, and philautia. The eros type of love is related more towards lust, sex, and sensual desires. Philia is the type of love one has in a friendship. Ludus is the young type of love that is not as developed or serious. Agape love is selfless love which is extended to everyone. Pragma is a love that matures over time. Philautia is the type love that is for the self.

Each type of love is strong in a different way. Yet pragma love is the ultimate goal for extending love. It fuels all the natural human desires. This is to help and be kind towards one another. Being a generally good person helps to attract others’ love towards ourselves. In the long run, these desires may lead to us to gaining happiness, whether that be from a spouse or our own created family. The point is that you feel agape love towards other people and it can grow and evolve over time. (Roman Krznaric).

Admiration fits into multiple situations of love as well as mutual like. You can admire people you like as well as love. You can even admire people you do not particularly like. Admiration is a form of us showing that something is worthy of our respect. Therefore, this can happen for many things. Like showing us a loving type of kindness or a new viewpoint on the world.

Yet, what is the difference between love and admiration? Love is more intense and serious. Love means you wish to have a developing passion for that specific person. Love can also be attributed to the deep care and respect for another person. This goes for family or friends. A more sensual type of love develops between you and a partner or potential partner. Yet admiration can be what kickstarts that relationship in the first place. Or, admiration can be what strengthens a relationship into lasting for a longer period of time.

When you first start out in love it usually is the eros type. It is charged with a lust and desire after that specific person. This is not admiration. You simply are lustful for that person rather than respecting and marveling at their full self. This is not to say you do not find things and do not attempt to be fascinated by that person. You are caught up in the person yet only in a different sort of way at the time.

Admiration develops over time as you continually peel back the layers of personality. You start to notice little things in which you cherish. Perhaps how selfless the person is towards others. A different example would be how the person is considerate. It can be any amount of characteristics that heightens your adoration for that person.

Yet the opposite can also be true. As you dissect the personality you may find things you do not like. For example, as you continually observe the person could be greedy as well as selfish. We all have unbecoming traits. That is just something that comes along with being human. Yet when searching for a partner you look at that person differently.

The point is that admiration develops mostly over time. This is due to the fact that it takes a while for certain things to be noticed. We do not automatically know someone is wonderful by looking at them. We have to experience the kind of person they actually are before that judgment. Therefore admiration and love are different things. Yet both feelings to play a role in how deeply you could fall in love.


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