The Digital Age is Moving Into Fashion

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Fashion is supposed to escalate digitally by 70 percent by 2020. That means that the fashion market, worth about $30 billion will be online. In India, the online shopping experience has already increased to $7-$9 billion out of $70 billion. By the time 2020 rolls around, digital fashion will explode to $30 billion, which is a grand expansion of technology.

The use of mobile phones is a big part of society today. Having the resources available in your hand allows users to browse items as soon as the arrival hits, and many sites will be carrying the goods that they want. Fashion reigns in the most popularity, another signifier of how enormous the industry is getting. Online shopping offers individuals the chance to find exactly what they need, whether it is from a recognized store brand or if it is from a local boutique. There is also apparel that is only limited to online shoppings so you would not be capable of finding them when you physically want to shop.

Widely known companies have been aiming to expand sales online, with department stores in the lead. Creativity is crucial when it comes to shopping, advertisements need to be fun and eye-catching.

I am always surprised to notice how much you can do on your mobile device. Girls will walk into the city with a chic look and tell you about how they found this one piece exclusively on an online store. Free shipping comes in handy when it comes to fashion so you can get more than what you were planning to get.

Fashion is tough when people want the same attire you do. It is almost like a competition to see who can pull off a similar style best. That is where online shopping comes in. When you find a cute new store, probably online via Instagram, from another country, it is easy to see what trends they have instead of what trends you have.

There is an abundance of resources online for you to find. Amazon is a great company for finding clothing that is affordable and Topshop is a great brand for finding clothing that everyone is wearing. Watching what others’ wear is a huge influence. Online brands carry items of better quality or cheaper costs, which can be useful if you want to look good yet save money.

Being online can help people learn about the brand. On the Nordstrom website, for example, you are able to follow their history and what they have done nationally and how they survived during the recession. This information can deepen one’s respect for the company, which makes it easier when you want to see what they have in stock online. You are able to know more about who you are shopping from on the spot. What they do for the business, how they share their profits, and where the clothing manufacturers are are ideal if you are into the fashion world.

"I am a ship and I promise I will make it to the shores alive".Hello! My name is Serena Anthony, currently residing here in Chicago, IL, recently come from a five year stay in Malaysia. I am a Fashion Business major at Columbia College with a passion for incorporating writing and fashion together, which is awesome given that those are two of my favourite things. Especially after great sushi and a killer moshe cristo.Columbia is giving me the benefit of creatively getting a handle on my goals. Because I love art, more so when I get into a frenzy, this college is a mix of serious and enjoyable experiences. I hope to keep my future like that as well!

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