The “do-not-fancy-me” Women’s Clothing Movement

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I’m sure you’ve heard the motto “when you look good you feel good”. Everyone has those days where they put on their best outfit and step out on the streets and strut around knowing they look and feel like a million dollars. But who are you really looking good for? Are you dressing to feel good about yourself or are you dressing to impress another person? Ask yourself that next time you put on your favorite outfit.

Many women choose to dress nice because they love fashion and many dress solely to impress others. Sometimes we want to look better than a friend and others times we want to impress the cute guy that walks past every day on our way to Starbucks.

For other women, the thought of “looking good for someone else” is not what they have in mind. Many women want to do the opposite and un-attract men with their clothing. Actress and model Sienna Miller says when she wants men to have no interest in her she goes for the big and baggy chimney-sweeper look. This ensemble is what she calls the “do-not-fancy-me” clothing where she shifts away from her usually flirty and sexy looks.

In her opinion, the less flesh she is showing the more unattractive she will appeal to the opposite sex. In some sense, she is still dressing for men but in the opposite way that most women do. Many women say when they wear the “sexy and flirty” clothes they do not do so for male attention but because they just like to show off their bodies.

Miller’s shift in her style evolution from body revealing clothes to more covered-up ensembles is not just because she is older and wants to look more professional, but her “do-not-fancy-me” clothing is a revolt against hyper-sexualizing clothing. She wants to make a statement to women to not wear low crop cleavage bearing shirts when they’re out around town.

The shift from conservative clothing to more revealing types is most prominently seen in the nineties. Ever since the Eva Herziogova billboard that read ‘Hello, boys”” and stopped traffic on streets, women soon thought it was okay to show their body through revealing clothing. Tops became more low cut and pants were so tight that it was a mystery how women even sat down.

Sure, some celebrities trademark on sultry fashion moments, such as Jennifer Lopez, who has been seen in provocative and skin tight dresses throughout her years. And then there is Kim Kardashian who is known for showing off her curves in tight and revealing garments.

The shape in which clothing is designed has also changed, which could be a big reason for the evolution of fashion. In the early nineties, women would wear boyfriend jeans and no-nonsense Levi’s. Then soon after came the shift to hipster’s jeans where “the lower the better” trend was implemented. Denim manufacturers started producing jeans that were more shaped and form fitted to a women’s body that hugged and enhanced her curves instead of hiding them.

Even with so many form-fitting options, numerous women are following in Miller’s trend and are shifting from the confines of skin tight closing for an easy breezy wardrobe selection. Celebrities who once were seen wearing the most revealing outfits are now wearing oversized shirts and slouchy slacks. Even Miley Cyrus, who would almost perform wearing no clothes at all, was out wearing a loose-fitting outfit.

Sure, many men may not like this new era of fashion and may not be jumping after women as quickly as before, but is that really a bad thing? We’ve seen the trends of flesh-bearing fashion that many women would wear just to please men so it’s about time women dress for themselves. So what if you look like you rolled out of bed if you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing then rock it.

Lover of all things fashion from day one. While everyone else was reading long novels you could catch me browsing through the style portion of any magazine. I'm a reality show junkie in all forms and will endlessly watch The Food Network while shamelessly throwing in some reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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