The Royals Make Way to Europe

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Young teenagers are not the only people venturing out to Europe this year. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall are going to be checking up on everything there and have their sights set on Italy, Romania, and Austria soon. When the pair lands in Italy, Prince Charles has a couple of things he would like to do while he is there. Palazzo Pitti, a Renaissance palace is hosting one of their events. Prince Charles would like to bring up The Campaign For Wool, a movement driven towards raising awareness of the benefits of using the fibre.

The prince will also be there giving contributions. He would like to mention how wool should be used more in fashion. While he is there, a dinner will be held for the centenary of The British Institute of Florence. The people that run the event want the prince there as a guest of honour. They will also be presenting the prince with the Renaissance Man of the Year Award, an annual presentation they do by the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation.

Big effects will be in store for Europe when the royals show up.

E. Marinella, the tie and scarf manufacturer located in Naples will expect a warm welcome from the Duchess of Cornwall. The company is known for sourcing their silks near Manchester, England.

The next huge endeavour the pair will embark on is meeting Pope Francis. Meanwhile, the prince will take himself over to central Italy to visit Amatrice. There he will speak with the victims of an earthquake that got to them in August 2016. The prince will be checking up on the residencies.

The trip is supposed to signify the ties between the U.K. and Europe. The royals want to cover strategies such as human trafficking laws, military ties, and social attachments. There will be meeting held with the royals and the presidents of Italy, Austria, and Romania. This will all happen while the prince will see the Organisation for Security and Co-Operations to communicate slavery issues and the freedom of belief, religion connections.

The British exit from the European Union has definitely brought out dilemmas between the U.K. and Europe, which is the main point of the royals’ trip. They were meaning to try and strengthen their bonds again since aggravated notions were put out. Clashes between the two countries were not what the royals’ wanted, hence most of the meetings and special arrangements. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to Paris to sort things through.

Prime Minister Theresa May is planning on setting Brexit in motion next week. After a couple of years of strained negotiation, they came to that decision.

Europe thought it was an excellent idea for the royals’ to make an appearance to gain solidarity again.

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