Should the Term “Plus Size” Be Abandoned?

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The term “plus size” has been coming into play more and more as the 21st century develops, allowing people to really understand that not every individual has the thighs of Adriana Lima. Nor does each person want to spend hours a day at the gym sculpting thighs like Adriana Lima. The term “plus size” gives parameters to specify who cannot fit into a sample size, but many are now noticing that the definition of “plus size” has come to mean anyone who can’t fit into children’s jeans.

Nowadays it feels as though many are accepting women who are slightly larger, or even just a bit curvier. However, the fact that the world needs to justify its acceptance of bigger women is ridiculous in of itself. How can they say that everyone is beautiful when they’ve labeled beauty and bodies into types and sizes? If you’re not a pear, then maybe you’re an apple. Or are you an hourglass? Certainly you’re not a human, oh no, you must be shaped and made into an object so that you can dress yourself according to what object you are. Plus sizes come with laws, you can’t wear body con dresses, crop tops or anything sheer.

Whatever happened to fashion as a mode of self-expression? Rules are made to be broken, and some of the most beautiful and interesting styles are derived from rule breaking.

The whole idea of “plus size” has become obsolete.  Check out this gorgeous lady and be inspired.


I love to write and have been writing since my high school days. I also love fashion, but rather than tearing through magazines, I prefer to pull inspiration off of those on the same street corners as me. My journey as a writer and artist evolves every dayMy journey as a writer evolves everyday as I write. Your support and comments are highly welcomed in this endeavor that I have embarked upon.

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