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via flickr/Mr.Thomas

via flickr/Mr.Thomas

Those ankle boots you have laying in your shoe rack sit there, all $120 you spent on them -because they were on sale- hardly justifying the two times they actually saw your feet in public since you bought them over a year ago. None of your friends fit into them. You have your eye on new boots, but the only space you have at home is in your wallet. Let’s face it, the garage sale is not an option-you don’t have the time or outdoor space- and the thrift shop in town wants to only give you a meager amount of what you paid for the item. Luckily there are now boatloads of options out there for selling and even trading clothes, shoes and accessories-making space in your closet and conscience for new duds. In order to get the most out of your sale, or trade, here are a few key questions and methods to keep in mind.

When choosing a website do your research:
• Who is the website targeting?
If there is a specific style of clothing you see in the website, make sure yours fits in. Likely, if the site is popular for harboring a specific taste in fashion then the people browsing the site will probably be looking for something similar.

• Is there a listing fee?
Some sites have fees for simply listing your items. Before joining, think if it will be worth the deal and also about how often you may be posting. If you are not looking to make online resale a regular activity, perhaps look for a site with free membership.

via flickr/401(K) 2012

via flickr/401(K) 2012

• Is trade and option?
If you’re interested in shopping online as well, then maybe swapping items is appealing. The possible efficiency of having something new without dealing with money may just make the process all the more enjoyable (checkout SnobSwap).

• How much percent of each sale do you keep?
Unless you’re simply looking to get rid of stuff and money is not really a factor, then make sure to look at the percent commission the site will take from each sale you make. Websites like Poshmark and Threadflip let you keep 80 percent of your sale.

• Does the website have specific guidelines for items sold?
The site may sell clothing and handbags but perhaps not shoes. Maybe the site only sells high-end designers. Some websites also have limits on how old the items may be. Absolutely make sure to read the company’s guidelines carefully.

Once you’ve chosen a fitting site make sure to do the follow:

• Detailing could make a difference.
If the website also allows you to write the details of the item, try to be as descriptive as you can. If the jacket is size small but runs big make sure to mention that- not only will you ease the shopper’s doubts of whether or not it may fit, but this may also save you the hassle of having the jacket returned. In addition, describe the texture, the color and maybe what the item might go great with. Above all, do not lie – a trusting and satisfied customer will only help garner you more sales.

via flickr/bymamma190

via flickr/bymamma190

• Take a good picture-no filter.
If you’re responsible for posting the photo of your item then show it off the best you can. Make sure it looks appealing. If the top you are selling is wrinkled then iron it. Sometimes a plain white or simple background for the shot is best. This is an online sale so the visual is most of what will be observed and grab a shopper’s attention-this might even close the deal upfront.

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