To Pixie or Not to Pixie?

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The pixie cut is a very bold short hairstyle. There are many different variations of the cut, some softer and feminine whereas others are edgier. Yet, making the leap from longer length hair to shorter can be a bit scary. This is due to the commitment of having very short hair for a very long time. Of course, you need to weigh the positives and negatives for your own situation.

Two ways exist for you to go for that perfect pixie cut. One is slightly less traumatic than the other. One way is to lop all your hair off at once. You never really know if you love it until you actually try it. Of course, with this way, there is no going back. The only real way to recover from damage done to hair is to allow the passage of time. The second way is cutting hair off bit by bit. Experiment and see if you like your hair at your shoulders, then chin, then ears. If the answer to one of these was no and you would like a pixie cut remember this: At one point your hair will probably be that length for an extended amount of time. So, if you are okay with waiting for it to all grow out, then go for it.

Hair grows out pretty fast when it is short. You just notice the growth much more than you do with long hair. That being said, this means you might need extra trims in between growing it out. Yes, trims sound a little odd if you are trying to grow out your hair again. But if you want to keep your hair in a semi-normal, manageable state, trims might be necessary. When you grow out a pixie, the back touching your neck will grow at the same rate. However, since it is so close to your neck, it is going to rub and might become annoying. If you can stick out the awkward phases then go for total growth.

Trimming hair at a hair salon will cost extra money. You might need to consider if you can afford the extra trips to the salon. A different route is to learn how to trim your own hair. Trimming your own hair sounds a little daunting but it is possible with the right instruction. You also have to consider the cost if your hair is dyed. You will possibly need touchups at some point. Since your hair is growing out, the touch ups might be more frequent. Yet you will pay less for hair dye because you do not have tons of hair.

Hair is beautiful and can be played with and styled to your choosing. Pixie cuts also offer a little bit of versatility depending on the length you get. Yet with a pixie cut, you cannot shove your hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun. A quick fix to a bad hair day would be to cover it with a hat or confidently rock it. Of course, both can be done. Plus you can style pixies in multiple different ways. Therefore, you are not signing away all right to creative freedom with your hair. If you love twisting and twirling your hair into braids or buns, however, the pixie is probably not your best bet.

All in all, if you really would like a pixie cut, then go for it. Many people are convinced that the pixie cut only looks good on very certain people with specific face shapes. If you have the confidence to rock what you got, you should be fine. Cutting your hair is a liberating experience. Do make sure to provide adequate consideration to your own personal needs and desires first. Getting a new do is a big change, but you also might really love the new hairstyle. So whatever you go for, go for it whole heartedly.

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