Top 3 Differences in College: Then & Now

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Sixty years ago the year was nineteen fifty five (1955), when gas was twenty three cents a gallon, and the average cost of a car never exceeded four thousand dollars. Unfortunately, we’ve come a long way. But what about college? Yes, people back then went to college too. So sit grandpa down and debate whether college is better now or back in the day by examining the top three differences in colleges now, compared to then.

1.) Parties

via flickr/Kim Bost

via flickr/Kim Bost

Then (1955):

Everybody could see this one coming, but what exactly differentiates the parties back then from the parties now except for people popping and twerking instead of doing the swing and the hully gully? For one, girls wore dresses of extravagant colors, lining their shoulders and reaching down to their knees at the highest, while guys usually wore a jacket and tie, or if feeling a tad less formal, might’ve worn a button up with rolled up sleeves and slacks. The top two songs on the billboard charts were Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado, along with Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley & The Comets, and in respects to drinking games, legend has it that the game beer pong was invented at Dartmouth during this time in a frat house, where they actually played with real paddles instead of tossing the pong ball.

Now (2015):

I don’t even think they make party dresses that reach your knees anymore unless the party is supervised by nuns. The dress code for parties has significantly decreased in actual articles of clothing. Today at parties a skimpy dress and some wobbly high heels will suffice, as even guys wearing tank tops, and sleeveless graphic tees have lowered the bar. Who knows, maybe in another fifty years clothing will be optional at parties. Music is another aspect of parties that has seen a dramatic change, from rock n roll to rap and house being the crowd favorite. Lastly, regarding drinking games, beer pong continues to be a party-goer classic, and is one of the few drinking games that seems to remain timeless.

A back and forth movement around the world and finally I am in New York City! And all along, my curiosity in the fashion industry grew deeper.

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