Trump and Fashion: How Do They Mix?

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Sometimes, things are meant to be left separate and never intertwine. Usually, when you think of fashion, the next word that comes to mind usually does not involve anything dealing with politics. Because of Donald Trump, the connection between the two is making a serious impact on the world. Mr. President can not only store up much debate and controversy in the political world, but he has brought his voice into the fashion world as well and has caused quite the storm.
Because of this new found bond between fashion and politics, with much thanks to Trump, many designers are speaking through fashion as a way to support or boycott certain groups, organizations, etc. Now, you and I can not only wear clothes as a means of style but also to send out a strong message. Particularly around this latest election season, there was a large amount of apparel that was made to send different messages to Trump, whether they be good or bad. This “election attire” could be seen on many celebrities and people in the world of fashion.
There has been a wide variety of these political statement pieces that ranged from protest slogans to having the faces of different politicians on them. Even now that the election is over and we have our new president, people are still wearing the pieces to make statements. A big reason for the continuous want for this clothing is because of the ongoing frustration people feel with our new president. Trump has been very verbal with different organizations that he strongly does not wish to see present anymore, and that has caused problems with many people. Designers in particular who support these organizations are designing garments you can purchase and that give a certain amount of proceeds back to these organizations.
Thanks to trump, fashion is now not just about what you wear, but it is also about sending strong messages and giving to causes you care about. Us as a society may not be able to have a say in most laws put in to place, but we can sure band together to control what we wear and where are money goes for it. And with today’s society, having an impact on where money is heading is having real power.
New York Fashion Week even took a stand behind all the political uproar that was happening through politics and fashion. Pins were passed out through the week that read “fashion stands with Planned Parenthood”, which is one of the organizations Trump is completely against. And to follow the trend of sending a message, many designers added small details or slogans to their clothes to send different types of political messages. Some people may not understand the message that is being sent on many garments, but when everyone becomes more aware, this could start having a huge effect on the world.
So what’s the point behind all this madness? Is it really doing any good or helping out? All the political and fashion ties may have just started but if designers and celebrities continue to show what they believe in through the clothes they make or wear, it can start causing a dispute. Trump has already made comments about different brands, mentioning about the unfair treatment his daughter has received from them. If they all stand together maybe more can come out of it all. It is not to say this could all just be a passing face and the political movement merchandise could die off soon, but for now if you’re someone who believes strongly in politics, check out some of the gear from different designers and brand and start to make your mark on the world. Send a message through fashion.

Lover of all things fashion from day one. While everyone else was reading long novels you could catch me browsing through the style portion of any magazine. I'm a reality show junkie in all forms and will endlessly watch The Food Network while shamelessly throwing in some reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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