Trump Meeting Tweets Gone From Kanye West’s Twitter

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Kanye West has deleted tweets that addressed a meeting he held with President Donald Trump at the Trump Tower, according to CNN. In December, West joined Trump to talk about “multicultural issues,” according to West’s Twitter feed, as reported by CNN. West made a series of tweets explaining the visit. The tweets vanished overnight over Jan. 5-6.

The rapper and designer explained that he thought straightforward, direct discussion was crucial for starting to change things.

One of the deleted tweets listed Chicago issues that West would like to see addressed: support for teachers, problems with bullies, curriculum reform, and violence.

CNN cited an unnamed source that said West particularly wants to advocate for Chicago, which is his home city. Improving conditions in Chicago is something that has concerned West more and more lately, although it’s been an issue of interest to him for a long time, according to the source. West wants to remind Trump to help better the Windy City.

However, many people criticized West for being willing to work with Trump, including hip hop artists, and rap artist King Myers. Myers recently put out a song addressing the Trump presidency and asking for Trump to be impeached, as well as stating support for immigrants and followers of Islam. Many in the hip-hop scene oppose the Trump administration.

West, though, has stated publicly that he would have voted for Trump, if he had voted. He announced this during a concert in California, a traditionally Democratic state. Making public tweets relating to political issues opened the door to further criticism. The rapper posted a picture of a TIME Magazine that Trump autographed with a personal note to West the next day, but this tweet is also gone from Twitter.

TMZ and several other news outlets have reported that the choice represents West’s dissatisfaction with Trump’s actions since taking office; however, it is not yet clear why West chose to remove the tweets.

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