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The Vertu brand is widely known around luxury circles because of its exclusivity. Like any Ferrari or an Audemars Piguet time piece, the finer the build quality and reputation the more expensive and in demand it is. Hermes, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and others are some of the designers that jumped aboard the IPad case bandwagon with their additions. Electronics and other on the go gadgets are no different. Vertu is the gold standard of the luxury phone world and with their new Constellation model they are soaring sky high. The luxury touches are all around the phone from front to back and all around even in places you don’t see. Starting with the fact that each phone is handmade in England, has a calf leather rear panel that can be accessorized with an alligator, ostrich, or a karung slip case of various colors. The front of the phone includes a forged titanium case and a 4.3 inch crystal sapphire screen. The best parts however are what is not visible to the naked eye. They are the inner functions of the phone itself. Features that include Vertu Life, Concierge and Certainty. Vertu life provides the owner access to invitation only events, private clubs, cultural experiences like Cannes Film festival and sporting events that otherwise are almost inaccessible like the Formula 1 events and the World Cup.

Vertu Concierge provides 24-hour worldwide assistance, recommendations, and priority benefits. It’s like having your own worldwide personal assistant with you all the time. You make the request, and they make it happen. Vertu Certainty is a security feature for their phones that enables the owner to have remote access for troubleshooting and the ability to encrypt their information for security reasons. Having a Vertu phone does two main things for an individual. The first is that it shows status to anyone who looks at it. As with any uber-luxury item, the people that know about it, know all about it. The second and the more important function that is does is make calls. It is a phone after all, no matter what options and features it has, it still needs to function like a phone at the end of the day. The enjoyment comes in knowing what kind of phone is being used.

“The clothes do make the man.” How you’re dressed is the first thing someone notices and you only get one first impression, so why not make it great always? My interests are men’s fashion and lifestyle.

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